At Life Leaders Coaching & Consulting (LLCC) my team and I know first hand what it takes to be a successful business owner. We’ve come together because collectively we share the same passion, perseverance, and desire to eliminate the chaos in running a business. 

We’ve partnered up to bring you an inclusive and holistic approach to business operations. Together we bring to you over 65 years of experience.  We strive to bring comprehensive, effective and economical solutions to increase your professional resilience so you can widen the reach of your business as you double your productivity.

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VERONICA TAYLOR | Founder | Resilience Coach | Online Business Strategist | Mompreneur | Author in-progress

#helloresilience is about creating a movement amongst female business owners who dream big and want to turn their business ideas into reality.  I’m passionate about bringing a whole new look, feel, and experience to coaching and consulting. My mission is to teach successful and socially conscious business owners how to increase their resilience so they can widen their professional reach as they double their productivity. My main focus is personalized coaching to chip away the chaos that goes on in your head and business. I bring over 20 years of corporate experience and I am masterful at seeing the strategy (the bigger picture) and the necessary critical thinking skills (the details) while being able to turn chaos into digestible and actionable pieces that make sense. Want to chat with me, click here. 

Life Leaders Coaching and Consulting Services


Our bookkeeper brings 25 years of accounting experience and has worked with creative and socially conscious business owners for 30 years. Bookkeeping services include initial client setup, tracking business expenses, tracking income, tracking clients, tracking vendors, bill pay services, monthly reconciliation, monthly allocation review, monthly reports + Annual Services. Click here for a free consultation.

Life Leaders Coaching and Consulting


Our VAs are some of the most passionate and detailed oriented professionals in the industry. Their attention to detail goes well beyond the expected. But more importantly, they’re business owners and they understand the importance of strategy and how your needs relate to your overall business. Our services include social media marketing, website edits and updates, blog and newsletter management and much more. Click here for a free consultation.

Bay Areas resilience training and consulting services

REMOTE IT SUPPORT (coming soon)

Having on-demand tech support is a luxury for most business owners, which is why we’re so excited to be adding this service to our menu. Remote IT Support will include services such as virus removal, computer error messages, malware rescue, Ransomware recovery, Hardware installation, Software installation and troubleshooting. Free consultation coming soon.


We are looking to hire a legal expert proficient in contracts and small business matters. Interested? Email

This is for you if are an established business owner who’s been in business for several years, are currently making a six-figure income, have been experiencing steady growth and is serious in making an additional investment in your business.

This is not for you if you enjoy the minutia of your business, are a micro-manager and tech-phobic. Is not prepared to make the investment it takes to uplevel your business, are not a heart-centered business owner, and don’t believe resilience is an important aspect of running a successful business.


So, you’re not ready for the services we provide but you’re absolutely committed to launching your business and want to invest in yourself to make it happen!

Then we have the perfect Resilience Coaching program that will uplevel your mindset and will catapult you into success.

Our 9-week one-on-one coaching program focuses on a variety of effective skills that will eliminate the chaos in your head. The final week of the program we’ll work on bridging the gap between your vision + strategy + execution that many aspiring entrepreneurs struggle with. You’ll walk away with a clear vision, inspired by the bigger picture and empowered with actionable steps to launch you into success.

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Entrepreneurship requires resilience and it’s vital to the success of your business. Resilient business owners have high levels of optimism, engagement, leadership, emotional control and keen decision-making skills. Our 9-week coaching program provides you with the necessary skills you need to bridge the gap between vision + strategy + execution most entrepreneurs struggle with.     


As a busy business owner who is experiencing growth, you want to focus on expanding and creating. If you no longer have the time to grow your business due to spending too much time with social media, business operations or administrative procedures then this is the package for you. We provide you with 20 hours of support per month. 


You’re starting to build momentum in your business but you find yourself needing help with relatively easy yet extremely time-consuming tasks and you’re ready to focus on the things only you can do. This package provides you with 15 hours of support per month. 


You’re finally at a point where you are ready to work with a VA for the first time but you still like to mostly everything yourself. This plan provides you with 10 hours of support per month. 


  • Veronica is a wonderful organizer, facilitator with a focus on development of people and organizations. Her ability to create and guide partners and participants through complex schedules and handle all the details flawlessly, is amazing. I love working and partnering with Veronica!

    Anna Beuselinck
  • I have had the great pleasure to work with Veronica as my coach since October 2012. In all of our 12 sessions she never ceases to amaze me with her skills and talents. Her friendly, compassionate and caring ways are consistent throughout our inteactions. The plans we put together are spot on and her gentle reminders to reward myself at the end of a task help me to push through. I highly recommend Veronica as a Leadership and Life Coach!

    Barbara Campbell
  • I’ve been working with Veronica for over 5 years now. We have never lived in the same city or reported to the same office. This has never slowed us down. Due to Veronica’s responsiveness, innovation and creativity working long distance proves to be productive and enjoyable. She always responds very quickly to emails or phone calls, always easy to reach. She does not need oversight to achieve goals, she’s a champ at follow-through. Her ability to write and communicate is at such a high level that I’ve never perceived a incorrect tone or point of view. She’s clear, concise with the perfect touch of warmth.  I would choose to work with Veronica long distance over anyone by my side. I’ve always felt I was in good hands with her and I recommend her for anything she puts her mind to.

    Feel free to contact me for any further details or recommendation. Renee Bastet, Colorado  

    Renee Bastet Appropriate Response
  • Veronica has set a new high standard supporting programs for us. She learns quickly, manages complexity well (lots of people, material, coordination), anticipates needs, has superb interpersonal skills, and a unique ability stay calm under pressure.

    Tom Bepler Owner, Pacific Edge Consulting & Coaching
  • Veronica Taylor has been an exceptional program administrator for a highly complex program I have managed at Genentech. She is professional, detail-oriented and very client focused. But what makes her truly exceptional is that she is proactive... analyzing the overall situation, understanding what is needed for program enhancement and preparing the solution or enhancement before I even realize it was needed! Beyond that, she is a pleasure to work with... smart, professional and relaxed. It's a pleasure to recommend her!

    Ruben Rodriguez Chief PEP Officer, Personal Excellence Programs (PEP)
  • Veronica and I have been working together most of 2016. Previous to working with her I had an absolute NIGHTMARE with another VA which led me to be less trusting of working with anyone. Since I've met Veronica, from the day we spoke until today she has been 100% attentive to MY NEEDS, has great communication to ensure she is doing a fab job (which she is) and is just an ABSOLUTE dream to work with. I seriously could not have chosen a better person/company to work with. I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend Veronica and her team. Thank you so much, Veronica, for everything you do! My company would not be where it is at today without your help!! So much gratitude!

    Kelly Callaghan Positively Tan
  • I run my own health & wellness business and I had a coaching session with Veronica at the end of last year (2016) and it was an incredible experience. Veronica is a remarkable coach. She very quickly built a rapport with me and her perceptions were spot on. She is empathic and very intuitive yet also takes the time to ensure that her observations are in line with your feelings. As a trained counsellor I know well the importance of listening and reflecting back. Veronica is also very supportive in her coaching and is really 'with' you through the session and beyond. I had a huge breakthrough which, with my training, I should have had a while back, but it so happened it came to light during this one hour. I cannot recommend her coaching highly enough. I am still reaping the benefits over a month on but do plan to schedule another session soon. She's fantastic!
    Kelly Atkinson Health & Wellness consultant


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